Amherst Youth Basketball

Amherst Youth Basketball supports ~1200 boys and girls in grades 3-12 who reside in Amherst, NY, a suburb of Buffalo.

Mission Statement

Amherst Youth Basketball (AYB) is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides a basketball program designed to motivate the personal and educational growth of its participants by providing healthy, challenging instruction and competition. AYB offers basketball opportunities for girls and boys in grades 3 through 12. Amherst Youth Basketball has established and implements a policy that provides equal playing time and instructional opportunities for every participant in its house league. The focus of this league is on player development and the enjoyment of the game. Good sportsmanship is a requirement (Respect, Class, and Dignity), which must be demonstrated at all times by players, parents, spectators, and coaches.

Registration for the 2014-2015 House League Season

  1. Registration is closed.    
  3. The last day to register for Boys 3, Boys 4, Boys 5, Boys 6, Boys 7, Boys 8, Girls 3-4, and Girls 5-6 is October 13, 2014,   
  5. The last day to register for Girls 7-8 is November 30, 2014.   
  7. The last day to register for Girls HS is November 30, 2014.   
  9. The last day to register for Boys HS is December 19, 2014.   
  11. Please click on the Registration link in the left column of this web site to register.

Note that divisions will close out even while registration is open.  Once closed, additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list and refunds will be issued if we are not able to accommodate the player within a reasonable time-frame.  Early registration is encouraged as many divisions fill up prior to registration ending.

Residency Requirements

Registration in Amherst Youth Basketball is available to players at the appropriate grade level who meet the following criteria.

1. Reside in the Town of Amherst and/or
2. Reside in the Amherst Central School District or
3. Reside in the Sweet Home Central School District or
4. Reside in the Williamsville Central School District.

Eligibility: Players on High School Teams

  1. Players who are on their school's High School Varsity team are NOT eligible to play in the AYB House League.
  2. Players who are on their school's High School Modified or Junior Varsity (JV) team and who are playing in the AYB House League or are playing on an AYB travel team must put their HS team before their AYB team.  Specifically, if a conflict exists, such players must attend a game/practice/event with their High School Modified or JV team.

Requests to Play with Other Players or at Specific Times

AYB makes every effort to create parity within a division.  With the exception of seriously extenuating circumstances, we do not consider requests for a player to play with another player or on a particular coach's team.  However, if there is an issue between two players, a player and a coach, or two parents, please let us know and we will make every effort to avoid a potentially difficult situation.

Requests to "Play Up" (with players in a higher grade)

AYB believes that the social aspects of an instructional/house league outweigh the potential for a player to gain more experience by playing with players in a more advanced grade.  We believe that the players benefit from playing with and against students in their own grade at their school and their sister schools.  On rare occasion, the board might ask a parent about having their child "play up."  Requests to "play up" are not considered.

Playing Times for House League

AYB does not own nor does it control any of the courts that we use.  Therefore, practice times and locations, as well as game times and locations will vary from week to week.  Schedules are typically distributed one month at a time in order to minimize the changes that you will have to make to your schedule as we work with the facilities in order for them to do their best to accommodate our requests.  (We receive numerous changes every week from the facilities that we use.  We have found that a schedule is reasonably accurate if we do monthly distributions.)  Please show respect for the facilities that we use and the staff at the facilities.  Without access to these facilities, we will not have a league.

In divisions for grades 3-8, each team typically meets two times per week, once during the week between 6-10pm and again on Saturday between 8:30am-6pm at various sites.  Each practice/game is one hour long.  If a team practices more than this, then it is likely that additional times are not authorized by AYB and should be reported to the league following the appropriate chain of command.

AYB Travel Teams and Other Competitive Basketball in WNY

For players/parents who might be looking for a more competitive situation, Amherst Youth Basketball has travel teams that complement the social and instructional aspects of our traditional house-league program by providing an opportunity for AYB's premier players to play against competitive travel teams from WNY during the Fall and Winter.  In addition, there are other opportunities for players who are looking for a more competitive atmosphere in conjunction with or instead of the traditional AYB house-league.  Board members can help direct parents to such organizations. 


AYB does not own, nor does it control, any basketball facilities. AYB uses Town of Amherst's Clearfield Recreation Center and facilities in the Williamsville and Sweet Home school districts.   AYB has practices/games at the Amherst Youth Foundation, The Chapel, Daemen College, and 1st Trinity Church.  Therefore, we are at the mercy of the town, school districts, and other facilities in terms of the allocation of gym time.


1. In order to make teams as even as possible, it is critical that every player attend their evaluation.

2. At evaluations, there will be a parent meeting with members of the Board of Directors of AYB.  Typically, this includes the President and the Level Coordinator.  Important information will be disseminated to the parents about the season.

3. All evaluations are held at the Clearfield Recreation Center (near the corner of Hopkins and Klein).  Please click on "Important Dates" in the menu to the left to see the schedule of evaluations.

Game/Practice Cancellations

AYB cancellations will be posted on our web site, our facebook site, and via e-mail.  Games and/practices are occasionally cancelled at the last minute due to circumstances at the facilities that we are able to use, as well as due to weather.  Remember, AYB does not own, nor does it control, any gymnasiums.  We are guests at all facilities.  Please show respect for these facilities and the staff who work at these facilities.

AYB Awarded Grant from the Allstate Foundation (March, 2014)

Amherst Youth Basketball Inc. is pleased to receive $1,000 from The Allstate Foundation in honor of Allstate Agent Robert Seelbach's volunteerism. AYB is pleased to partner with Allstate and their commitment to making our hometowns better, safer places to live.

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