Board of Directors

2017-2018 AYB Board of Directors


Russ Miller                          President

Steve Allen                          Vice President

Ken Polk                              Registrar

Sean McCarthy                  Scheduler

Kristen Dolan                    Coaches Preparation

Steve Allen                         Officials

Joe Buonocore                  Equipment

Bob Laughlin                     Treasurer

Gregg Shutts                     Surveys

Steve Long                         Legal Consultant                        



Kevin Gunther                  3rd Boys Coordinator

Sean McCarthy                 4th Boys Coordinator

Kevin Gunther                  5th Boys Coordinator

Theron Mong                    6th Boys Coordinator

Dave Mann                        7th Boys Coordinator

Dave Pogodzinski            8th Boys Coordinator

Scott McManigle              9th Boys Coordinator

Kurt Holme                        9-12th Boys Coordinator



Kim Dunlop                      3rd/4th Girls Coordinator

Dave Pogodzinski           5th Girls Coordinator

Tom Romano                   6th/7th Girls Coordinator

Tom Greenwald               8-12th Girls Coordinator

Joe Buonocore                 8-12th Girls Coordinator


Scott McManigle              Travel Coordinator

Steve Allen                        HS Summer Leagues

Executive Committee

Russ Miller, Scott McManigle, Dave Pogodzinski, Joe Buonocore, Steve Allen

Emeritus Board Members

The Emeritus designation is the highest honor awarded to a former board member.  It is awarded to a very select few individuals for their invaluable and selfless contributions to AYB over a significant period of time. 

  • Brad Tichenor               President Emeritus

Board Meetings

Board Meetings (2017-2018 Season)

Sunday, October 1: (Board Members Only) 10:00a at TBA. This is the first board meeting of the season.  Standard agenda: Registration, Finances, Divisions, Rules, Gym Time, Uniforms, and discussion of new items.

Sunday, January 28: (Board Members Only) 10:00a at TBA.  Status of season to date.  Standard agenda: Issues/problems/resolutions.  Prepare for playoffs.  Teams per bracket per division, trophies/medals, etc

Sunday, March 18: (Board Members Only) 10:00a at TBD. Board Meeting.  This is the final board meeting of the season for the entire board (level coordinators, see below).  Standard agenda: Review the season in terms of rules, divisions, conduct of coaches/players/parents, finances.  Discussion of changes for next year.  Discussion of Summer activities. 

Sunday, April 8: (Level Coordinators) 9:00a at TBA.  Final board meeting of the year for the level coordinators.  Review of rules, personnel, and so forth, with an eye towards next season.