AYB Playoff Rules

Playoff Rules

Amherst Youth Basketball

*. Only One Coach is permitted to stand on the sidelines per team.

*. Know the rules of your division.  Discuss the division rules with the officials prior to the game.

*. Know the clock rules and make sure that the person handling the clock knows the rules and that you have provided that person with a copy of the Clock laminate.

*. Scorebook must be kept at the score table.  Any book not kept at the table is not an official book.

1. Substitution Lists: Coaches must fill out and exchange substitution lists before the start of the game and must utilize the list during the game.

2. Fouling Out: If a player fouls out of a game, leaving a team with fewer than 5 players (4 players in B3 and G34), the game may continue if the referee believes the game can be competitive.  Otherwise, the game ends with a victory credited to the opposing team.  Under no circumstances, may a player who fouls out during playoffs remain in a game.

3. Overtime Rules: In the case of a playoff game ending in a tie, the following apply.

  1. There will be a 2-minute overtime, which starts with a jump ball.
  2. Each team will have 1 timeout during the overtime (timeouts do not carry over).
  3. Selecting Players for Overtime
    1. If a team has fewer than 5 players available (4 players in the case of B3 and G56), then see #2 above.  Otherwise,
    2. Each coach chooses 5 players (4 players in the case of B3 or G34) from their team to participate in the overtime.
  4. No substitutions are permitted during an overtime period.
  5. If a player fouls out during an overtime period, the coach chooses the replacement player, if any are available.  If no additional players are available, then see rule #2 above.
  6. The clock stops as it does during the last 2 minutes of a regular-season game.
  7. Team fouls continue to accumulate.
  8. If an overtime period ends in a tie, go to 3a. Overtime periods will continue until there is a winner.
  9. Defense (reminder): The same rules apply to playing defense in an overtime period as they do to the final 2-minutes of a regular season (or playoff) game.