AYB Travel Program (2019-2020)

1.  Teams: We expect to field travel teams for 4th grade boys, 5th grade boys, 6th grade boys, 7th grade boys, and 8th grade boys.  We also plan to field travel teams for 5th-6th grade girls and for 7-8th grade girls.  Teams will be chosen by a committee, including the head coach, at tryouts.  Players must participate in the travel team tryouts, which are distinct from AYB house league Evaluations.

2.  Eligibility: 

  • Players who are on a High School team (Modified or JV) and meet the AYB residency requirements are eligible to try out for, and if they are chosen, to play on a travel team without playing in house league.  We understand that travel tryouts occur in advance of school tryouts.  Contact your prospective coach if you have a question.
  • Players who are not playing on a High-School Modified, JV, or Varsity Basketball team must be playing in Amherst Youth Basketball's house league in order to participate on a travel team.  Such a player must attend all of their house league team's practices and games.  To be clear, if and when a conflict occurs, the Amherst Youth Basketball House League team takes precedence over the travel team.  

3.  Financial Obligations: Each player (parent) is responsible for a player fee due when the player has committed to a roster spot. This fee is estimated to be $275 per player per team.  The fee includes a travel uniform, as well as practice time, and fees for approximately a dozen local games.  The fee does not include tournament fees.  Tournament fees can range from ~$50 - $500, depending on the team, quality of team, coach, and parents, all of which is discussed during tryouts.

4.  Team Philosophy: Our goal is to develop players and quality individuals on and off the court.  Our focus will be to provide an opportunity for each player to significantly improve their basketball skills, understanding of the game, and how to perform while showing respect and class for all involved. Coaches will, at all times, have the safety and general well being of the players in mind.

5.  Class, Dignity, and Respect: We expect all players, coaches, and parents to treat everyone at practices and games with respect.  We expect that everyone will exude class. Any player, parent, or coach not living up to the standards we expect from representatives of Amherst Youth Basketball will be removed from the team.

6.  Parental Participation: Parents are encouraged to attend practices and games.

a. We ask that parents, relatives, and friends attending the games show complete respect for all players, coaches, referees, facility staff, whether they are from Amherst Youth Basketball or any other organization.

b. We ask that parents allow the coaches to coach and the referees to referee.  Please do not put a child in a position of being torn between listening to a parent and listening to a coach.  During games, please offer encouragement and not instructions.  During practices, if you feel qualified, be available if called upon by a coach to help out, but otherwise simply observe.  

7.   Playing Time: It is the intention of Amherst Youth Basketball to try and have each travel team on the court at least twice a week, whether it is for practices, games, or tournaments.  There is no guarantee in any way, shape, or form, of playing time during games.  The coaches are asked to do their best to make every player better and to coach games to win, regardless of the playing time for individual players.

8.   Players Rules and Expectations

a. Players must show respect for all concerned.  There is no tolerance for arguing with coaches, parents, or referees.

b. Foul language is an option.  If a player opts to use foul language, Amherst Youth Basketball will opt to remove the player from the team.

c. The players are expected to show class during practices and games, win or lose. Players should shake hands with officials after a game, as well as with the members and coaching staff of the opposing team.

d. Players are expected to arrive 30 minutes before game time and 10 minutes before practice. Missed games and practices must be communicated to the head coach before the event.

e. Any player missing any part of the uniform will not be allowed to participate in practice or a game.

f. The coaches are not perfect and will make mistakes.  Parents should feel comfortable talking to coaches at any time before or after practices and games. 

10. Coaching Staff (2019-2020):

a. Girls 5th-6th Grade: Kim Dunlop

b. Girls 7th-8th Grade: TBA

c. Boys 4th Grade: Travis Carrow

d. Boys 5th Grade: Tim Buckinham

e. Boys 6th Grade: Sean McCarthy

f. Boys 7th Grade: Jim Milbrand

g. Boys 8th Grade: Garvin Hegwood


11. AYB Travel Board: