Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, Parent Pledge, and Zero Tolerance Policy

Parent Pledge: To review the parent pledge/code of conduct, please click here

AYB Zero Tolerance Policy

    • This policy requires parents, coaches, and all spectators to allow the players to play in an environment free from criticism of players or officials.  In addition, any altercation between players or spectators, be it verbal or physical, will not be tolerated.
    • Please recognize that AYB is not the W/NBA. 
    • AYB is a youth athletics program geared towards instruction and enjoyment of the game.  As such, games and practices should take place in a supportive environment free from distractions and unnecessary tension.
    • Spectators should not talk to officials. 
    • Coaches, players, parents, or any other spectator should not verbally or visually create an undesirable atmosphere,
  • Deviation from this policy is grounds for expulsion from the league, immediate removal from the facility, and/or prohibition from attending future games and practices.  In any case, there will be no refund of any AYB or associated fees.

Code of Conduct

  • AYB does not have its own gyms.  We are visitors in all of the facilities that we use.
  • Respect the representatives/staff of the facilities.
  • Stay in the assigned gym.  
  • Do not roam around the facility.
  • Do not bounce basketballs anywhere but inside the gym. 
      • Do not bounce basketballs in the hallways or lobbies of facilities.
      • On game day:
        • Only the coach should bring a basketball(s) to a game. Players should not bring a basketball to a game. 
        • No dribbling balls on the sideline during games.
        • No shooting/dribbling basketballs during time outs, halftime, etc. during a game you are not playing in.
  • Keep wet shoes/boots off the gym floors. This is the primary cause of injuries. 
  • Clean up after yourself and your children.  Please do not leave wrappers and containers behind after you or your child is done playing.
  • Any violations of the Code of Conduct could result in suspension from attending games/practices or expulsion from the league and/or facilities without refund.

Issues of Concern

If issues arise during the season that you believe need to be brought to the attention of the league, please first talk to the appropriate coach.  If the coach cannot resolve the situation or provide a satisfactory explanation, then please contact the coordinator for the level in question.